Organizing SharePoint sites is one of the most common issues organizations face. Create Simple has created an extremely successful SharePoint Content Management Strategy that we have been successfully deploying for clients for years.

hello-intranet ``Workspace Branding``

SharePoint workspace and project sites allow businesses to collaborate securely between departments. While SharePoint Department / Team sites provide a clear security boundary for where a department or team can share and access information within their area while maintaining security.

“Workspace Branding”

hello-intranet “Workspace Branding” provides a consistent interface while working on collaboration sites.

Key Features

Site Directory

Provide a directory of all Workspaces and Projects that a person has access to

New Site Setup

Create new Workspaces or Project sites in seconds with standardized templates

Quick Links

Quick access links follow you regardless of being on your intranet, project, team or workspace


Provide a simple constant interface to navigate between your Intranet, Workspace, Project and Department / Team sites.

Link to Any Sites

Link to on-premise SharePoint sites, Microsoft Teams, or any other sites to create one directory of all sites regardless of the sites location


Search and categorize sites to quickly find relevant SharePoint sites

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