Create Simple has spent the last 10 years developing both custom Intranets and SharePoint Products like ‘hello-intranet’ a SharePoint Intranet “in-a-box” solution.

Featured Product

Our solutions have been deployed in all major business sectors: Education, Government, Accounting, Legal, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Power Generation, Transportation, Health Care, Agriculture, Home Builders and even small businesses.

hello-intranet is a SharePoint “Intranet in a Box” solution. A Modern Digital Workplace fully integrated with SharePoint and Office 365.

Custom Intranets / Extranets

hello-intranet is our SharePoint Intranet “in-a-box’ product but it doesn’t have to stay in the box.  We offer custom development services to clients when organizations require those extra customizations that don’t fit in our standard solution.

  • Intranet Advanced Branding

    We can customize our hello-intranet SharePoint Intranet solution to look like anything you can dream up.  Create Simple specializes in branding SharePoint to make it look amazing and user friendly.  Use our design services or bring us your own designs and we will make SharePoint match exactly what your designers come up with.

  • Custom Functionality Development

    Many organizations require custom developed functionality and integration with their existing systems.  Create Simple can develop and integrate these requirements into hello-intranet to allow the flexibility to meet every organizations advanced requirements.

  • SharePoint Functionality

    hello-intranet is built on SharePoint as a fully integrated solution.  This allows existing SharePoint functions and even 3rd party functions to easily be integrated into hello-intranet.

  • Custom Forms

    Integrating digital forms solutions into hello-intranet to provide people with automated business forms.  From simple forms to advanced business process management forms Create Simple has you covered.

  • Web Content and Design

    Create Simple offers fully content and design services to bring your page content to life.  If one of our 30+ layouts and functions don’t match your requirement Create Simple will work with you to develop the web content required.

  • Business Intelligence Integration

    Our Business Intelligence devision members are experts in integrating your BI requirements into an amazing Reporting Hub solution.  Making it seamless to move between hello-intranet and your Business Intelligence solutions.

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