Security Report


SharePoint security is one of the hardest things to manage. Finding out who has access to what resources across a site collection can seem like it is almost impossible, until NOW. The Security and Reporting add-in from Create Simple inc makes security reporting simple and pain free.

Key Features

Get a simple report on all permissions across a SharePoint site collection

Lists, libraries and even individual files

Correct permissions within the security report

Removing incorrect permissions directly within the report

Restore permission changes

Any security changes within the application are able to be restored

Find all direct permissions

Correct the biggest security mistake made in SharePoint sites

Find out how people have been given permission

Directly or through a group

Remove users permissions without missing anything

Remove a users permission across an entire site collection even when with direct permissions

Export to Excel

Export the security report to excel for advanced reporting and to save snapshots of permission configuration

All data stays within your SharePoint environment

No data is sent externally and remains in your site only

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