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The SharePoint Intranet “in-a-box” Solution for Office365

Communicate With News

  • Communicate Announcements, CEO Messages, Policy Updates and Safety Alerts with employees
  • Target regionalized and categorized communications
  • Share news to staff via email or even a newsletter
  • Share videos and external content (link to PowerPoint, PDF, External websites or just about anything)
  • Easy to create content and even edit photos within your browser

Share Events

  • Signup for events and track attendees
  • Share events to staff via email
  • Notify attendees of changes to events
  • Allow users to add events directly to their personal calendars
  • Targeted regionalized and categorized events

Video and Picture Galleries

Picture galleries

Share photos easily with the beautiful picture gallery function

Video gallery

Share Videos easily with the beautiful video gallery which allows for direct links to external video sources

Share Photos

Allow users to submit their photos to be featured on the Intranet home page (with approval process)

Go Mobile

  • Any Device

    Access your Intranet from any table or mobile device

  • All Content

    Access all areas of the Intranet not just parts of the site with any mobile device

  • My followed sites

    Quickly access your personalized SharePoint followed sites with our quick access navigation menu

  • Responsive Design

    All functions are responsive mobile designed

  • Office 365 Mobile

    Link to all your mobile Office365 applications while on the go

  • Quick Links

    Create targeted links for staff to access applications securely and easily while they are out of the office

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Find What You Are Looking For

Mega Menu Navigation

Navigating a SharePoint Intranet is one of the most critical functions to allows users to quickly find the content they are looking for.  We allow you to customize your navigation in a matter of seconds giving you the ability to skip up to 4 levels of navigation with 1 click.

Employee & Site Directories

Sync your employee directory with Office 365 and forget about managing your employee directory.  Easily find that person you meet in a meeting or the contact information you need quickly.  Create a site directory of all SharePoint sites for users to easily find the SharePoint site they are looking for.

Search Centre

Search with targeted filters to allow users to quickly find the information they are looking for.  Make SharePoint search into a great way to find information.

quick Edit Widgets


With our KPI widgets you can easily add visual KPIs to any page without any coding required.

FAQs widget

The FAQs widget can be added to any page without any coding required.  We even provide a FAQs repository with multiple categories.

Visual Links widget

Create visual links to content with with icons and corporate colours without any coding required.

Intranet Administration

Our administration site allows you to manage all the functions of the intranet in one simple console.  With security roles you can delegate individuals just the right access to manage the different areas of your intranet.

Packed Full of Features

Information Architecture

Start with our default site structure built based on our many years of experience building Intranets.  Then we help you make the site structure match your organization’s unique needs.

Department Landing pages

Share targeted news, events and even documents that come from specific departments.  Show a department based staff directory to quickly show who is part of a department.

Location Landing pages

Share location specific content for employees like weather, news, events and even documents that matter most to specific locations.

Buy and Sell

Allow employees to buy, sell or even give away items.

Site Analytics

We integrate with Google Analytics to give you the best analytics on how your Intranet is used.

Site wide emergency alert

Provide emergency notifications across all pages of the Intranet when communication is critical

Quick Poll

Get fast feedback from staff by using the quick poll on the home page.  Take the opportunity to provide feedback on their responses to help communicate key information.


Get as social as you want.  We allow the flexibility for “Likes” and “Comments” but also understand sometimes they are not needed.  We provide the flexibility to match your organization’s needs even on a per item basis.

Water cooler Conversations

Allow staff to share and communicate with each other using our Watercooler conversations function.  Social news sharing for all employees allows both sharing of news and commenting on shared news.

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