We believe that quality is better than quantity and we’ve partnered exclusively with Dell. With Dell’s diverse product lines, we can provide you with innovative infrastructure solutions to drive your business forward and bring it to new heights

Our Key Services

  • PC-as-a-Service

    No longer do you need to spend a large upfront investment for your PC’s. Adopt a better long-term solution and reduce costs with Create Simple’s new flexible consumption options, including PC as a Service – a convenient solution that gives you a predictable price per seat per month. Hardware, software and PC lifecycle services including onsite support and financing are all combined in one convenient bundle.

  • Software

    Whether it’s a program for your computer or something to run your whole office, we are a one-stop shop for all your software needs. We understand deciding on the correct software can be overwhelming, as a Microsoft Partner, our team of software professionals can guide you to the appropriate solutions that make sense for your business.

  • Hardware / Infrastructure

    When it is time to invest in new technology for your business, you need to know what products will work best for your infrastructure, employees, and business growth. Our IT architects will work with your business to understand your needs and our IT procurement services can help match your needs with the right components that offer the best value and functionality.

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