Create Simple can help you learn how Business Intelligence can transform your organization.  We have a streamlined process for helping organizations reach their Business Intelligence goals.

Our Business Intelligence by Design Process

  • Step 1: Understanding What Business Intelligence is

    Our first step is to show key stakeholders the true potential of Power BI.  By identifying the possibilities with Power BI, we can better plan for a successful implementation strategy.

  • Step 2: Assessment and roadmap planning

    After an organization has learnt about the potential uses for Power BI we help them determine the best path forward.  Assessing what an organization wants to use Power BI for helps create a strategic road map unique to the business requirement.

  • Step 3: Understanding your Data

    We work with your existing data across multiple platforms and build a clear understanding of your organizations data assets.

  • Step 4: Technology Decisions

    Create Simple is an expert in helping organizations choose the best technology to match their requirements.  Understanding AZURE services and on-premise data integration to leverage Power BI to its fullest.

  • Step 5: Apply Best Practice Database Principles

    By organizing and applying structure to your existing data sources, we create a solid data infrastructure that serves as the foundation to support your data driven organization.

  • Step 6: Development of Business Intelligence Dashboards & Dynamic Reports

    The Power BI interface allows the user to experience their data rather than simply read a static report.  We work with your organization to develop custom dashboards and dynamic reporting solutions based on your unique business requirements.

  • Step 7: User Testing

    Testing with users is a critical step for a successful project.  Not only at the end of a project but through out a project to ensure we are all heading in the right direction.

  • Step 8: Support

    We provide both post project support as well as long term monthly Managed Services support plans to ensure all companies support needs are met.  We support every service and project until our clients are fully satisfied with the finished product.

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