Managed Services

At Create Simple, we can provide you with end-to-end technology solutions that fit your small-to-medium business. We will become your virtual IT team. Our proactive approach ensures that we’ll manage your IT resources so that they are not only functional but running at peak performance. Our services allow you to consistently focus your strategic business initiatives, and less on the complexities of IT

Our Key Services

Helpdesk and Monitoring

With our support services, you’ll never have to worry about another technical issue. We can provide you with managed IT support to ensure that your technology remains fully reliable.  Flexible support hours available including 24/7 support.

Virtual CIO/IT Manager

Today’s IT landscape is rapidly changing. We can provide managerial advisory services to strategically align the latest technology with the unique needs of your business, in turn allowing you to get the most value out of your technology.


No longer do you need to spend a large upfront investment for your PC’s. Adopt a better long-term solution and reduce costs with Create Simple’s new flexible consumption options, including PC as a Service – a convenient solution that gives you a predictable price per seat per month. Hardware, software and PC lifecycle services including onsite support and financing are all combined in one convenient bundle.


Having a secure, reliable backup solution for your company data is vital to disaster recovery and business continuity. We can assess your current backup strategies, and implement onsite or offsite backup solutions to ensure that your business remains in operation.

Network Security

Take the guess work out of wondering if you’re protected.  Make sure your network, servers and computers are secure with firewalls, anti-virus, spam filters and more.  Our security specialists provide a complete assessment and can make sure you have the protection your business needs.

Need support managing specialized servers?

When it comes to managed services, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. At Create Simple, we craft end-to-end solutions using our key offerings in a way that fits your best practices and organizational needs. Connect with us to see how managed services can work for you.

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